Arte on Apparel

When I was about 7 years old I started drawing “girls” on my clothing! The most amazing thing was that my mom encouraged me! Go my Mom! 💕
I also sketched fashion girls of all colors, shapes and sizes on ‘copy paper’.  I taped my drawings on my bedroom walls.  I literally created wallpaper from my paper drawings!


When I worked in NYC as a fashion knitwear designer;  I continued my passion of sketching “girls” on clothing! One of the companies that I designed for was Lisa Int’l. Lisa, the owner, approved and also disapproved of some of my artsy girls! In the 80’s fashion illustrations on apparel was not a popular concept. However,  that never discouraged me to draw my girls! 

*Thank you Lisa for approving, producing and selling my “Fashion Girls” on your Collection! I wish I had  those items today! 

My Arte on Apparel will be created soon!  I’ve posted pics on this page to show you some of my hand painted art on denim and my Arte printed on kimonos, dresses and tops! 
Please contact if you would like a hand painted and or jeweled work of art on apparel. 

Connect with me if your are interested in collaborating and or purchasing wholesale. 
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